Systema NW School

In 2002 Systema NW became the first Systema Russian Martial Art School under Vladimir Vasiliev in the Northwestern United States. Through the efforts of Brian King, Kaizen Taki, and with the help of countless others, Systema NW became a leading school for the promotion of Systema on the West Coast. We helped expose hundreds of students to Systema, many of whom became Instructors leading their own groups locally, across the nation, and internationally. 


A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Systema NW hosted more than a dozen workshops with top guest Instructors. Kaizen Taki conducted more than 150 workshops locally and across North America. This has created an expansive video archive of workshop material. The purpose of the Systema NW Archive project is to allow some of that knowledge and experience to be shared with others and not simply lost. 


Raw • Detailed • Natural

The Systema NW Archive offers an opportunity to witness detailed training on a focused topic. These natural progressions lead to unique insights for each topic that cannot be replicated. The videos in the archive are minimally edited in order to preserve the essence of the live training. It's handheld footage , but you get full, detailed, natural progressions from the workshop.

Konstantin Komarov 2013 Health Workshop

Kaizen Taki 2012 CTS Workshop

I keep coming back to how grateful I am to have had the experience of having you as a teacher. Your emphasis on health, finding and knowing one’s baseline, and learning how to return to it, was taught with a sophistication that I have only seen surpassed (or even close to matched) by Konstantin Komarov. My continuing study of martial arts, bodywork and other forms of healing, and personal development are constantly informed by what I have learned from working with you. Thank you again for sharing that with your students.
— Randy Watson - Massage Therapist - Studying Systema Since 2010