I have to say a huge thank you!! I haven’t slept so well in months, and woke up feeling like a new person! The smallest amount of joy has returned, and it feels fabulous!
Thank you so much!
— Mother, Communications Manager, 42



Food • Sleep • Environment 

Para-sympathetic Response
Promotes healing and down regulation for the nervous system


Diets don't work - develop a healthy relationship with your food instead


Healing requires understanding and respecting your circadian rhythms 


From relationships to neuro-toxins, your environment can affect your ability to heal

The context in which a food is eaten can be nearly as important as the food itself.
— Michael Pollan

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Health is often just common sense

It is the opinion of many health experts that the majority of the physical issues we have are completely preventable through simple positive health habits. 

  • Good, balanced eating
  • Regular, quality sleep 
  • Daily, full body movement 
  • Fresh air and full breathing 
  • Healthy sun exposure 
  • Ongoing stress management 

Instead of worrying about nutrients, we should simply avoid any food that’s been processed to such an extent that it is more the product of industry than of nature.
— Michael Pollan

You are what you eat

Realize that with each meal, you are taking part in re-creating yourself anew. We quite literally are what we eat. What you're shoving in your mouth is the available construction materials for the next 24 hours. Somehow it's so easy to lose that common sense. Add to that: why and how we are eating, plus taking the time to feed the heart, and cleanse the soul. All together you get a synergistic effect that has a huge influence on your current state of health. 



Diets don’t work in the long term. Forced restriction creating an antagonistic relationship between you and food just creates more stress. Why would you want to fight the very building blocks of your structure and the one thing that sustains your life. What and how much you eat can vary greatly. Don't believe in cookie cutter answers. Listening with awareness helps determine how you feel and what your body needs. Don't be fanatical about any one thing. Enjoy your food, don't fight it.



Respect what your body needs by listening to the internal state and
adjusting your training and lifestyle appropriately.

Put your priorities, time, energy, and resources towards the adaptation response and the healing process to build yourself a healthy and sustainable body for today and many years to come.

Build daily health habits together with
your family, team, or on your own. Stop suffering and start living.

Book a Private Session, start Special Needs Movement Therapy, or take a Video Course to learn simple daily practices that can completely change your quality of living.
Gain empowerment over your health today!